Billiard Room Photos

Inspiring Classic Billiard Room Design Ideas

Inspiring Classic Billiard Room Design Ideas

Do you know that billiard is one of the oldest and the most popular games in the world? It dates back to 16th century but it evolved over the years. If you made the decision to put a billiard table in your home you need to plan a billiard room design carefully. Your main concern is to make it comfortable so the game was enjoyable for you and your guests. If home billiard room is laid out poorly the process

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How To Design Your Office At Home?

How To Design Your Office At Home? - A Small Office Idea At Home Right now many people choose working at home since it is more beneficial and relaxing. However, working at home doesn’t mean that you don’t need to prepare the working space as well as a real office. If you have the real office look in your home, it’s guaranteed that your mood will increase to do some creativity. Here are the tips on how to

Crazy Living Room Ideas

Crazy Living Room Ideas - These crazy living room ideas may give you inspiration for you to build a living room in your house or apartment. The ideas are more than unique and unusual; some of them are strange but inspiring. The ideas will not only give you a beautiful living room decor, but also a higher value for your home. Gallery Ideas of Crazy Living Room Green Carpet For Eco Friendly Living Room Idea

Small Pink Room; Not Only For Girls

Small Pink Room; Not Only For Girls - Who said that a small pink room is only about bedroom for girls? Small room with pink color can be many room types and pink is not always about girls’ color. Pink can give a full accent in a room or only a decorative accent only. Pink also can be applied in any room in your house for giving surprising effect or romantic touch to a room. Here are some

Planning for Toddlers Room Design

Planning for Toddlers Room Design - The time is coming; your babies growing up as toddlers, so you should rearrange the room in order to suit on their age. There are some steps you should plan well to have a good toddlers room design. Toodler Room Idea With Colorful Decoration First of all, you should decide the function of the room. For sleeping is certainly the main function. However, if you don’t enough space in your

Awesome Outdoor Pool Designs

Awesome Outdoor Pool Designs - Swimming pool can be luxurious additional for your home. It doesn’t only give you a relaxing space after weekdays; it also gives you additional selling point to your house. Swimming pool can be put both in indoor or outdoor. However, many people love outdoor pool more since it is fresh and natural. More beautiful and complicated your outdoor pool design, higher selling value your house has.  If you can make

The Sparkling Trend for Bathroom Color Ideas 2014

The Sparkling Trend for Bathroom Color Ideas 2014 - Color plays important role in creating a comfortable room, including a bathroom. Color choices are not only about the color itself, but also the mood that can be created through the color options. Every year there will be different color trend for bathroom, now let’s see some bathroom color ideas that are going to be popular trend for this year. White Bathroom Color Idea Unpredictable, white is still always being

Living Room Decoration Tips

Living Room Decoration Tips - Living room as the main room in a house should be arranged well since many people come to your house will be served in the room. A good living room is not only comfortable for the owner, but also for the guests. A room that may welcome the guests nicely and make them staying comfortably would be the key for creating the best living room. Beside furniture choice, living room